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Why Total Site Supply Co.

Total Site Supply Company works diligently in providing ethical, forward thinking and honest solutions to its customers. 

With over fifteen years of experience in the industry from ownership, Total Site Supply company understands the needs and functions of those we serve.

The simple understanding of our customers’ daily regimen has allowed us to flourish and thrive by deepening every customer relationship. We are a growing company whose goal is to meet and exceed the expectations.

 We work alongside our customers on a daily basis and enjoy every opportunity to help and grow together.

 Our diverse vendor partnerships in the industry, allows us to offer competitive pricing and benefits. With continuous support and collaboration from premier vendors, Total Site Supply Co. has been active in developing and enhancing industry leading products in the erosion control and heavy construction sectors.

The continuous evolvement of these unique coalitions has allowed us to better serve all of California. We are here to serve you and appreciate your trust.


Years of Experience

Active Projects

Featured Projects

Camp Fire
– Paradise, CA

The Camp fire became the most destructive and deadliest wildfires in the state of California. Total Site Supply was a key supplier for the work that involved immediate emergency stabilization alongside the only highway leading in and out of Paradise, CA.

Arroyo Burro Creek Restoration
– Santa Barbara, CA

Habitat and creek restoration were the focal point for this project. Due to weather and sensitive wildlife habitat, all of those involved were under a strict and important time frame to complete the restoration. This project took place Fall/Winter 2018. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us.

Old Otay Mesa Rd. Restoration
– San Diego, CA

Total Site Supply worked diligently alongside its customer to propose an alternative design to the city of San Diego for this project. This proposal was focused on improving soil health, habitat restoration and long-term sustainability of native species.

About Us

At Total Site Supply Company, we strive to provide high caliber service and leave our customers with favorable lasting experiences. We take pride in providing quality service as well as environmentally conscious materials for all job sites. 

We believe in the integrity of our work and are committed to the successes of all our customers. Mutually, we create trust into every solution we offer from beginning to end. By strengthening our relationships and continuously working together to improve our communities, we are able to be industry leaders.


Our List of Products

“You have my word that I will do everything in my power to personally take care of you and your company’s”

Ramon Godinez, Owner Total Supply Co



  • Wattles: Regular and biodegradable
  • Coir matting: 400g, 700g, 900g
  • Jute netting
  • Straw and coconut blankets
  • Excelsior blankets
  • Wire-backed silt fence
  • Stakes: 12 in. to 10 ft.
  • First generation turf reinforcement mats (TRMs)
  • High performance 3D turf reinforcement mats (HP-TRMs)
  • Paper mulch
  • Wood mulch
  • Straw mulch
  • Bonded fiber matrix (BFMs)
  • Tackifiers: Corn, plantago and guar • Fertilizer
  • Seed: Wildflower, native and erosion control mixes
  • Nutrients and amendments
  • Hydraulic growth medium (HGM)
  • Hydraulic growth medium plus mulch (HGM2)
Bags & Inlet BMP's


  • Monofilament gravel bags
  • CalTrans 8 oz. gravel bags 
  • Poly sandbags
  • Drain inlet (DI) bags
  • Dewatering bags
  • Curb inlet guards
  • Grate guards
  • Stormwater products
  • Silt fence: Commercial and DOT
  • Orange safety/barrier/ESA fence
  • Bulk rolled silt fence: 3 x 500/1,500 ft. • Metal T-posts: 5 – 8 ft. sizes
  • T-post safety caps
  • Zip ties


Client Testimonials

Ramon Godinez, owner of Total Site Supply in Temecula, CA, has been outstanding in his many contributions to several TDI habitat restoration projects. His contributions include: Up to date and extensive knowledge about methods for erosion control; Introducing TDI to state-of-the-art microbial soil building techniques for use on difficult, infertile, steep embankments; Generous offering of many hours of on-site advise and supervision of implementation of cutting-edge techniques; Making “special order” materials available without delay.

Friendly, sincere and complete services offered at the Total Site Supply store and warehouse in Temecula. I count Ramon as one of a handful of real professional friends who has shown consistent, sincere interest in our projects. He is always available to help with problem-solving difficult erosion situations that have enabled TDI to offer its clients the best possible and successful product. I look forward to many years of partnership and friendship with Ramon and Total Site Supply.

James Lockman
Senior Restoration Ecologist

Authorized Dealer for Some of the Industry’s Premier Vendors

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